Therapy Offered

Nutritional counseling

Nutrition counseling for eating disorders involves specialised dietary strategies tailored to tackle the unique hurdles of disordered eating.

 These sessions entail evaluating personal dietary habits, medical history, and nutritional requirements to devise personalized recommendations aimed at fostering a healthy connection with food, managing symptoms, and enhancing physical and emotional well-being.

Key areas covered may include meal planning, nutritional education, challenging false beliefs about food and body image, and fostering sustainable eating behaviors for lasting recovery.


Consistent eating routine

At the core of this therapy is establishing a consistent eating routine free from dietary restrictions. It involves using cues of fullness and hunger to guide the stabilization process. I advocate for blending both a structured eating approach and intuitive eating principles.

Every individual’s journey toward healing their relationship with food is unique and demands an individualized approach. I incorporate psychoeducational materials alongside cognitive-behavioral techniques to address this aspect in a patient-centered manner.

The time is now

Mental health affects everyone and I'm here to raise awareness of how eating disorders can impact our lives.