Binge Eating Disorder

Do you Struggle with constant dieting, restriction, weight gain and binge/compulsive eating?

  • I have helped many people to restore their relationship with food and their body, and I know how hopeless it feels when you start a new diet only to “fall off” the wagon again—the hopeless moments after a Binge episode, the shame and “out-of-control” feelings. You are NOT alone!
  • This program has been designed specifically for you! It contains an action-packed workbook, nutritional stabilisation plan and a therapeutic video where I talk through every topic, including strategies, concepts, and assignments.
  • Topics include: challenging eating disorder thoughts and behaviours, facing fear foods, self-compassion, dealing with body changes, compulsive exercise, coping with emotions, DBT skills, and finding an identity outside food.
  • For R899, you will receive the 60-minute webinar, a 20-page workbook, Psychoeducation explaining WHY you binge, and self-help guides to

This is also for you if you:

  • do not allow your “rest days” from movement
  • place moral value on food (good vs bad)
  • Compensate for perceived overeating
  • have strict rules/routines around food and feel like a failure when these rules are not maintained
  • unrealistic standards around food, exercise and body weight/shape


Eating is the only real appetite suppressant