Nutritional Therapy

remote sessions

Do you Struggle with constant dieting, restriction, weight gain and binge/compulsive eating? I offer virtual counselling sessions

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

One-on-one coaching where you will be guided through various aspects of bodily health, nutrition, lifestyle, and develop tools for daily balance. Whether dealing with specific health concerns or simply looking to up-level your health and deepen your understanding of holistic physical and mental wellbeing.

Intuitive Eating Program

This program has been designed to guide you through the first stages of Intuitive Eating called Conscious Eating, through a practical framework around how to foster a healthier relationship with food and your body!

Binge Eating Disorder

I have helped many people to restore their relationship with food and their body, I know how hopeless it feels when you start a new diet only to “fall off” the wagon again. The hopeless moments after a Binge episode, the shame and “out-of-control” feelings. You are NOT alone!

Treatment Specialties

Binge Eating Disorder

This program has been designed specifically for you! It contains an action-packed workbook, nutritional stabilisation plan and a therapeutic video where I talk through every topic including strategies, concepts, and assignments.

intuitive eating

Conscious Eating brings about real change by forming new habits, rewiring your thoughts and creating new neuro-pathways around eating and food. This will ultimately lead you to a space where you are ready to begin making decisions based on your internal cues and this is what we call 'Intuitive Eating'